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The following are examples of how registered users of the PDND view the experience. We appreciate the feedback and are looking for new ways in which to create value by providing relevant information to the time pressured payments industry professional.


"I have been in the payments industry for 25 years and I cannot recall seeing so many new payment initiatives at any previous time. It almost takes a scorecard to keep up with things. Your daily update is the fastest and most concise way to stay informed that I am aware of."


"Thanks for the excellent newsletter."


"Thanks. The service is useful. I get a lot of newsletters and stuff and donít scan all the things you are scanning so you are picking up some interesting articles I would probably miss. Canít think of any improvements at the moment. Your title and one line summaries are good as I can scan the email in 30 Ė 60 secs and determine if there is anything I need to click through to."


"I appreciate the ease of notification every morning of so many topics that are all in the payments arena. It is like having the payments newspaper sitting outside my front door, but I don't have to read through the ads and filler articles to get to the articles that I am interested in. It is nice having someone else do the leg work for me."