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Navigation Bars

This page layout uses the vertical and the horizontal style navigation buttons in the left column. The horizontal buttons are in a table cell and are "forced" to line up vertically. You may choose to change the styles of the link bars, or edit the link/navigation bar properties to suit your purposes.

Beginner's Tip: FP 2000 refers to "navigation bars," while FP 2002 refers to "link bars." 2002 link bars are much more flexible, while 2000 link bars depend on your navigation structure. To create a nav/link bar, go to Insert/Navigation Bar (2000) or Insert/ Link Bar (2002).

If you don't want this column, click here and go to Table / Select / Cell, then right-click and select Delete Cell.

Child Pages
This web template includes additional pages that may fall into your "About Us" section: Company Info, Press Releases, Legal Statements, and Privacy Policy. If you feel that you do not need all of those pages, you may delete them as needed.


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